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DRYeye Forte 60 Capsules

DRYeye Forte 60 Capsules

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DRYeye Forte’s science-based, patented formulation delivers a unique blend of re-esterified omega-3 EPA & DHA from Fish Oil, omega-6 GLA from Borage Oil, Vitamin D3 and antioxidants.

  • Systemically relieves dry eyes
  • Ideal for dry eye syndrome associated with contact lens intolerance, air-conditioning, air travel, environmental factors, symptoms of menopause, LASIK and other eye surgery patients 
  • May replace the need for eye drops and lubricants
  • High quality ingredients sourced from around the world including re-esterified concentrated, mercury tested, sustainably sourced omega-3 fish oil, providing high strength EPA & DHA
  • Proprietary blend provides essential fatty acids not easily obtained from a typical diet, such as gamma-Linolenic acid GLA from Borage Oil
  • Blister sealed to ensure maximum freshness and potency
  • Australian developed and owned, and formulated in a world-class Australian pharmaceutical facility under the highest therapeutic manufacturing standard
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